New Tokyo Server Now Online

Another day, another milestone for CoffeeCup Hosting. Today sees the arrival of our latest server offerings, based out of Tokyo. Only 2 short hops by undersea cable from Brisbane to Tokyo (via Guam), makes this a VERY fast route to the USA and beyond. Ideal for those Australian customers with global online e-commerce stores looking to expand ... Read More »

19th Aug 2020
GoCardless and CoffeeCup Hosting go live in Australia

Today we’re pleased to announce that CoffeeCup Hosting has partnered with GoCardless and can now offer CoffeeCup customers seamless recurring payments! GoCardless has been processing payments in Australia since 2018 using the BECS scheme. Direct Debit is a bank-to-bank payment method, where the customer (YOU) pre-authorises the merchant ... Read More »

20th Mar 2019
CoffeeCup supports Sitelock™ Lite

In a recent survey, 70% of respondents said they thought website security was their web host's responsibility. If you're in that 70% group, then you need SiteLock Lite. It’s a common misconception that hosting providers offer security for each website they host. However, your web host only protects the server your website is hosted on, not the ... Read More »

6th Mar 2019
There's No Escaping The 10% GST

It had to happen!The ATO finally announced it is going to fall into line with the rest of the G20 countries and levy a service tax (in Australia's case, a 10% GST) on all electronically supplied products and services sold by companies located outside of Australia. In short, that means all server space leased by CoffeeCup Hosting from overseas ... Read More »

8th Mar 2018
CoffeeCup embraces Office365 and 'Hosted Exchange'

Today CoffeeCup unveiled the latest addition to its offerings for small and medium sized businesses... Office365® and 'Hosted Exchange' email services.These services will appeal particularly to those businesses always on the go and have a need to stay 'connected' 24/7. With Professional Business eMail Solutions starting from as little as $3.95 ... Read More »

10th Aug 2017
New Payment Gateway For CoffeeCup Users

As part of CoffeeCup's continuing security improvement and enhancements, CoffeeCup has teamed up with Stripe to provide a fully PCI DSS compliant payment gateway.This means you can now pay your CoffeeCup invoices online using credit cards, secure in the knowledge that your information does NOT pass through CoffeeCup servers but rather is ... Read More »

28th Sept 2016
Warning - Domain Register Pty Ltd Scam

The CoffeeCup Hosting team would like to make members aware of a company that goes by the name of Domain Register Pty Ltd (ABN: 127506807) and a practice that they are partaking in which we believe is misleading to some of our members. This group seems to have harvested the postal address information of several domain owners and has been sending ... Read More »

3rd Aug 2016
Increased Disk Quota Now Availible

Up 'till now, one of the past concerns of some CoffeeCup Business Customers has been the apparant 'limited' Mailbox sizes, but no more...The CoffeeCup Macchiato Plan (our business grade service) now comes with the option to increase ones disk (server space) quota. With 5GB blocks retailing at $5 AUD per month, the additional server space makes the ... Read More »

15th Apr 2016
CoffeeCup Members Portal Gets A Facelift

We heard your comments and this is the result - a new and improved 'look' to your CoffeeCup members area.The entire portal has been remade from the ground up and hence has allowed us to impliment numerouos 'client side' enhancements, most notably the ability for members to now log directly into their cPanel area - right from within their personal ... Read More »

14th Jul 2015
The .au Registry Increases It's Prices

Hello Everybody,The wholesale price that CoffeeCup is charged by the .au Registry was recently increased for all registrations, renewals, change of ownership and inter-registrar transfers. Unfortunately for you and me, this means an across the board price increase effective 1 August 2014.The price increases range from $1.10 to $9.90 per two year ... Read More »

24th Jul 2014

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